Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Day for Football Fans!

It Superbowl Time!!! Packers and Steelers baby! Honestly, I'm really not much of a football fan. Hockey is my sport of choice, but I typically watch 1 game of football during the today's the big day!

My one big problem for the day is the I don't have a home brew to sip on. I was hoping my Dunkel would have been ready by today, but I only bottled it 8 days ago. I did throw one in the fridge yesterday and popped the top last night. It was decently carbed but still tasted pretty green and had a bit of a funky taste at the end. I need to get to a brew club meeting so other people can taste my beer and give it a good critique. I don't know how to accurately describe them yet.

So, Steelers or Packers? And what kind of home brew are you drinking today? Leave a comment below!

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